A Suggested Universal Protocol for Dental Examination in Sports

Febbraio 16, 2022
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Gennaio 16, 2024

A suggested universal protocol for dental examination in sports


The athletes of any sport and level submit their bodies to constant exercise. Any given pathology can increase the risk of injury, illness, or even reduced performance. The medical examination is valuable in diagnosing existing health problems and preventing medical issues that might compromise the athlete's overall health when exercising. The stomatognathic system is not an exemption, as oral pathologies, including dental caries and periodontal diseases, are found in high incidence in sports. The need for accurate and detailed dental examination in sports leaded dentists from the European Association for Sports Dentistry and the Academy for Sports Dentistry to elaborate a universal dental examination in sports protocol that can record the overall oral health of the athlete, including the teeth, periodontium, and musculoskeletal screening, for all athletes. The outcome of this stomatognathic examination allows sports physicians and professionals other than dentists to have a complete image of the individual oral health condition of any given athlete, and it allows the dentists to efficiently screen and prevent pathologies, as well as to advise on the eligibility to practice sports from the oral health perspective.

Keywords: athletes; oral health problems; screening examination protocol; sports dentistry.

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